What We Do

With the legacy marketplace, most artists tried very hard to get into prestigious art galleries. Others may sell their artworks directly from their website and/or another online art marketplace.

With the gradual adoption of blockchain technology, the art industry is primed for a paradigm shift. This will change how we conduct sales, acquire art collections and/or art investments.

In parallel, our team is committed to ensuring that artists are fairly rewarded for their artworks. More importantly, art collectors or investors are acquiring artworks that could potentially appreciate in value over time. Moreover, we’ll work with blockchain technology to add value to the sale, provenance, and intrinsic value of all artworks in our marketplace.

Whatever media you’re using as an artists, we want you to share it with the growing community here at Exhibition. With our help, we will connect you to art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world. Moreover, we will help to sell your artworks to at a reasonable price without the high commission commonly charged at larger auction houses or online art marketplaces.

For art collectors and/or investors, we will curate artwork that is optimal for your home and/or business. Or if you’re a savvy crypto currencies investor, you can also buy the corresponding artwork in its digital format of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).