Who We Are

Art begins from nothing. It’s an idea that originates from the artist’s mind, and then, translated onto canvas, paper, metal, and other media. At the end of this creation, something beautiful or thought provoking will embellish a blank white wall or enhance the atmosphere of a stark office space.

At Exhibition Gallery (EG), we aim to foster those creations for all artists, while connecting artists with art lovers, art collectors, and art investors. Moreover, we will help turn your artworks and/or illiquid assets into a sustainable revenue source by leveraging the Binance smart chain (BSC) and other viable blockchains.

The world has dramatically changed. It’s no longer business as usual, and so, we must also adapt and embrace the new normal. With this new normal, new behaviors must be introduced to prevent damages to our health and the well-being of others.

Going forward, a new breed of art collectors and/or investors will likely buy and/or sell art collectibles from the comfort of their smart phones or computers. Those transactions will take place on the Ethereum protocol. To achieve this, we will create a platform that turns illiquid artwork assets into NFT (non-fungible tokens). Those NFTs can be uploaded to our marketplace for all to see and buy via their smartphones or computers.

Miyasato Masa

Miyasato Masa has 15+ years of experience in digital marketing, which includes small and enterprise e-commerce platforms, website development, and an avid collector of digital assets. He’s currently the VP, Digital Marketing at a global bank. He also paints abstract impressionistic paintings on canvas, which are inspired by Picasso, van Gogh, and other masters.

Carlos Lugo

Carlos Lugo a 24 yr decorated Navy Veteran and native of Brooklyn NY enlisted in the Navy in July 1996. He served on board several War Ships and completed numerous deployments over his career. He retired in January 2020, but continues to support his country and those that serve as a General Operations Manager supporting multiple training facilities.